Cuckoo Coconuts Waikiki


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Hours tend to be 11 AM to midnight.

Tiki bars come in all varieties, from cramped dives to spacious beach front lounges and even some commercial joints. With Cuckoo Coconuts, you’re getting some local artwork displaying various views of a sunset, bar scene, and China Hat; and natural foliage to create a feeling of Hawaiian ambiance as opposed to a view of the bathroom doors.  We have nightly live local music from 7-10 PM (noise ordinance rules); and food representative of the islands prepared on site though we have to avoid reusable plates and glasses (more ordinances). You’ll be greeted by huge tiki gods and a bit of “Abby” humor with various signs collected over the years from friends and customers. If Abby is there, it won’t be a “bit” of humor; it will be “quite a bit” of humor.

While we are not located on the ocean, we are on Royal Hawaiian Avenue between Kalakaua and Kuhio in the middle of Waikiki where you can take a break from shopping anytime between 11 AM and Midnight--sometimes longer.  We try to give you the Hawaiian ambiance without charging you extra for take home glasses, sunscreen, and towels for wiping ocean spray from your table.  We have some clothing you can purchase in the retail section but we promise--nothing with a Cuckoo Coconut Logo on it, just lots of Hawaiian stuff.  

We are an outside bar where umbrellas will keep you dry most of the time.  We will close during a full onslaught of a hurricane.  We may occasionally remain open a bit after midnight if the tiki gods approve and our only remaining customer orders another drink (afterall, this is Hawaii).

Hawaii may not be the birthplace of the tiki tradition and Cuckoo Coconuts may not be following the rules of Tiki traditions (Plastic cups, really?). Some may turn up their noses at our fun loving interpretation and approach to the culture of aloha and tiki, but what better place to drink a Freaky Tiki rum cocktail than Hawaii?  We’ve got the beaches, the tropical weather, and the swaying palm trees. We’ve also got laws, rules, regulations, inspectors, landlords and vendors who insist how we have to operate (Plastic cups, REALLY!).

Come visit us, order a drink, maybe some food, sit back and enjoy the ambiance of Hawaii and let us deal with all the other stuff but don’t tap your drink with your diamond ring expecting to hear the chime of crystal.  

Rick, Sascha and Abby ready to serve you...eventually.